In South Korea, there are 13 public holidays where employees are entitled for a full paid day off. These holidays include religious holidays and other Korean national holidays. In total, there are about 14 holidays in South Korea. In 2020, in total there are 17 paid days off as public holidays for Korean employees. Check out below the public holidays table in Korea for 2020:

South Korea Public Holidays for 2020
Holiday Day Date
New Year Day Wed January 1 
Seollal (Korean New Year) Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon January 24 - 27
March 1st Movement Day Sun March 1
General Election Day Wed April 15
Buddha's Birthday Thu April 30
Labour Day Fri May 1
Children's Day Tue May 5
Memorial Day Sat June 6
Liberation Day Sat August 15
Chuseok (Korean harvest holiday) Wed, Thu, Fri September 30 - October 2
National Foundation Day Sat October 3
Hangul Day Fri October 9
Christmas Day Fri December 25

Please note that the above list of public holidays in Korea may be changed according to Korean government decidicion.

Affected services: Payroll Service in Korea, Employer of Record in Korea

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