When a foreign company wishes to operate in Korea, whether directly or indirectly, there is a need for ongoing management and handling of work with local service providers, suppliers and third parties.

Moreover, even when the foreign company has a local branch and employees in Korea, in many cases it will be more effective to transfer responsibility in handling and working with third parties to local professional company that will not only manage the ongoing work but will also monitor and supervise the financial expenses of the local operation.

KOISRA UP specializes in providing management, control and working with third parties on a project or long term basis. We provide our clients with ongoing support and enable them to focus on developing their business and sales in Korea.

Working with third parties in Korea includes locating relevant service providers and suppliers according to the needs of the customer from time to time, requests for quotations, receiving samples, meetings with relevant suppliers, negotiating conditions and price, managing and controlling the ongoing work.

Working with a local branch or staff in Korea includes managing and controlling the special and ongoing expenses of the employees and the local office. Allocation of cash and credit in accordance with a fixed budget. Transfer of funds between local and international bank accounts of the company. Making payments to suppliers and providing updates and weekly reports.

As necessary, KOISRA UP can enter into a transaction with local Korean third parties for various services and products on behalf of our clients. This service is designed to overcome local restrictions and in many cases improve business conditions in executing a transaction with a local company compared to a foreign company.


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