Relocating to work in another country seems exciting and adventurous but this process involves some difficulties and obstacles, especially in country like South Korea. If you are thinking of expanding your business, setting up new office or relocate some of your employees to Korea, we are here to make the whole process easier for you and your team. We provide full relocation services for companies, startups, entrepreneurs and investors in addition to professional assistance in visa and immigration to Korea.

KOISRA UP's range of relocation services include:

Housing in Korea
Finding or moving a home to another country can be a daunting task and if you are looking for new home in Korea, that is even more difficult as the country does not offer English listing services and most of the real estate agency don't speak your language. In addition, the method of renting or purchasing an apartment or house in Korea has unique characteristics that have some financial and legal implications. We can help you to find the best residential property as per your needs and budget. Our team of skilled professionals offer full house inspection and provide you with all the information that you may need before making any important decision.

Office in Korea
South Korea has a mix of commercial, industrial and residential areas, which often affects its character, prestige and type of business activities in that area. In Korea the location of your office may help to promote your business reputation. Familiarity and understanding the nature of each area is essential for selecting the most appropriate office type and location. Our experienced staff will ensure that the right office is located, while saving your time and money.

In order to relocate safely in a hassle-free manner, we help and support our clients with all the required documentation. Since some of the official documents and forms are in Korean language only, we provide translation, filling up assistance and full explnation to ensure our clients understanding. In Korea regular stamps or hand writing signature are not always valid and there is a need to register a private seal before signing official documents or entering new contracts. Our experienced team is available to provide dedicated on-site support to each of our clients.

Settling-In Service
In addition to finding a house for you or office for your local employees, we also offer a complete range of settling-in services. There are many things that you might need in order to enjoy smooth relocation and a comfortable stay in Korea. Our range of services includes setting up bank account, driver license registration, home or office moving, oversea shipping and logistics, getting orientation of the neighborhood, assistance in shopping for general or special items and more.

Working Visa and Immigration Support
Whether you plan to relocate with your family or just plan to send your employee to work in Korea, the process of issuing a visa to Korea can be a very hectic process if no help is hired. In Korea there are 10 visa types with over 75 categories and subcategories. Some of the visas specially designed for business, investment, startups and work activities while other for personal matters. We offer guidance, information about requirement documents and full support throughout the visa acquiring process, including on-site visiting at the relevant immigration office in Korea. With our responsive team you can contact us in case of immediate questions as well.


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