Last Updated on October 11, 2023

Having business activities in South Korea, especially in the early stages of operations, does not require the leasing of a local office, but the use of a Local Business Address in Korea and Virtual Office Services is recommended and sometimes even required by law.

KOISRA UP provides a variety of Virtual Office Services, Serviced Offices and Local Business Address, in the prestigious Gangnam business district of Seoul.

Foreign or local companies in Korea are required by law to report their business address. Such an address can only be located in commercial areas and formal office buildings. Unlike in other countries, the company's address can not be registered at any private locations such as the residence of the CEO or other local representative. This requirement is not suitable for start-ups and early stage companies which do not need real office and therefore Virtual Office or Local Business Address services are the most effective solution for them.

For foreign companies that have not yet registered a company in Korea but carry out some business activities in this market, it is highly recommended to use a local address in Korea and local office services in order to support local customers and partners, but also to establish a respectable business image as company with local presence.

The following are the main services of the Virtual Office we provide:

Local Korean Business Address
Physical address for your business in Gangnam area, the most prestigious business district in Seoul. You may use it for your company registration or just add it to your website and other marketing materials.

Local Korean Phone and FAX Numbers
You will get a dedicated local phone and FAX numbers for your business. This numbers will allow you to receive calls and faxes, but also to make outbound calls like local, even if you operate outside Korea. If you wish you can set a voicemail or forward calls to specified number.

Call Answering
Answering calls to your local Korean phone number on your behalf, in Korean language and in local time, so you don't need to be worry of losing calls and leads from potensial clients and partners.

Post Mail Management
By using local Korean address you will be able to get local deliveries and also ship out as local. We will handle all the logistics for you such as sorting, packaging, scanning and forwarding the mail to other address.

Meeting Room
Whether you want to meet your clients and partners in Korea or just to invite them for conference call with you, our meeting room is available for your usage. The meetings room is equipped with the TV, camera, printer, phone, fax, whiteboard and general office equipment.

Virtual Office is the efficient and economical solution for companies operating in Korea or those planning to operate in Korea and want to get the right exposure and create a reliable business image in the market.


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