Before starting to do business with a Korean company or business it is highly recommended to do a preliminary check and validation of the company's legal status. Such verification and company investigation can help make a decision about making a transaction or contracting with that company.

Is there a database of registered companies in Korea? How can one check if a Korean company is legitimate? Is it possible to know who the registered directors of the Korean company are? Does the Korean company actually operate from its official address? Is it possible to get a Korean company registration certificate?

These questions are always raised and considered during doing business with a Korean company and are part of the legal and business due diligence process. KOISRA specializes in investigating and verifying the legal status of companies in South Korea.

Unfortunately, as of today there is no official English-language Korean government database that can provide even basic information on Korea company or to do Korean company verification. Therefore it's recommend to make this check through a company that specializes in Korean companies verifications and due diligence. It can be your supplier, potensial distributors or even buyer. Don't take a risk and invest some time to verify the Korean company in advance.

Our Korean companies' verification and investigation services include:

  • Locate the Korean company registration number
  • Issuance a Korean company registration certificate from the court
  • Validation of a Korean company business registration certificate from the tax authority
  • Check if the company is active with the tax authority
  • Locating and verifying the Company's registered address as well as other corporate addresses in Korea
  • Locating and physically verifying corporate addresses in Korea
  • Issue a list of the Company's registered directors in Korea
  • Check the Company's registered capital in Korea
  • Examine the business activities listed in the company registration documents
  • Searching and verification of Korean subsidiaries and affiliates
  • Examination and verification of Korean company licenses
  • Public Reputation Review of the Korean company and its brands
  • Due diligence with suppliers, business partners and end customers of the Korean company

The extent of information that can be found and verified about a Korean company depends on a number of factors such as its listings in government registrations, various licenses it has issued and the information provided by client. Some of the verification work can be done through official databases online, but another part of the work requires cross-referencing of data as well as physical visits. KOISRA has been conducting due diligence of Korean companies (including for legal actions) since 2009 and would be happy to assist you as well.

What our Clients say

We used KOISRA UP to do some Due Diligence checks, for peace of mind with a potential trading partner. It was very hard to find any information ourselves to validate the Korean company we were trading with, even with details of their tax or company identification number. Any website we could find was not available in English which made things very difficult. KOISRA UP were quick, efficient and easy to do business with. I would definitely recommend doing business with them.

Mike H., Business Development Manager- SAI Global

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